Meetings are currently held remotely via Zoom, but we are preparing to “go live” in the Autumn. 

If you need advice or help to install or use zoom please contact our Gadget Group Leader Simon Reeks who will be happy to help you Tel: 07449 333296.  There is also a “help” item in the Notices page.

We usually meet on the third Thursday of each month at the Southcourt Community Centre, Prebendal Avenue, Aylesbury HP21 8LF.  Meetings begin with a brief welcome and introduction from the Chair followed by the opportunity to talk to friends and make new acquaintances.  This is followed by a refreshments break that also provides the opportunity for members to meet Group Leaders to find out more about their activities.  Members can also sign up for regular outings and holidays organised by the Travel Team.

Dates of forthcoming meetings and speakers are listed below.

20th May Dr Jim Ellis – How we Remember and Why we Forget

How do people accumulate, understand and apply information?  What does our brain do to help us remember and make sense of new things?  Do we all do this in the same way?  Why are different people skilful at maths, sports or languages, but rarely all three?  And where did you leave your glasses?
In this lively presentation, Jim will address all of the questions above and dispel some common myths about the brain.  He uses numerous examples to illustrate his points and encourages audience participation – but only if they are comfortable doing so.

17th June Adam Smith – Victorian Food and Dining.

The Victorian age saw changes in English food with improvements in farming and increased imports of both wheat and exotic goods like tinned pineapples.  This talk also looks at how the technology of cooking and the ways in which food was served changed.

15 July Paul Ranford – Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was a designer of war machines, an architect, an engineer, a sculptor and a painter.  This talk is based mainly on Leonardo’s notebooks and reveals the extent of his achievements in the sciences and the arts.

u3a Thames Valley Network  Study days

Friday 14th May – History of Gardening Part 1

Dr David Marsh, our speaker for this 4-lecture course.

The first lecture looks at when and how the interest in gardening began, and the second explores where the plants in our gardens came from originally. There will be a chance to ask questions following the session.

The cost for this talk is £1.00 per device.

Closing date for applications Monday 10th May

History of Gardening 1 flyer

Friday 21st May – History of Gardening Part 2

The third lecture looks at the growth of interest amongst the 19th century middle class and how technology changed the face of our gardens, whilst the fourth, and final, lecture considers how the mass media has changed gardening in the 20th century. There will be a chance to ask questions following the session.

The cost for this talk is £1.00 per device

Closing date for applications is Monday 17th May

History of Gardening 2 flyer

Friday 4th June at 10.30 on Zoom – The British Prime Minister, a President in all but name

This presentation by Mark Lovett, will concentrate on the 20th / 21st Centuries:- how the role evolved, how the personalities involved created new precedents for others to follow.

This is a free event and booking is via TicketSauce

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