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Gadget Group Simon Reeks (01296 482735)

The Dell All in One PC and the Sony Vaio laptop that I mentioned last month have now both gone to good homes, as have a more recent HP inkjet printer and an HP scanner – many thanks for your kind donations.

Spam continues to be an issue. A member received an email saying that a voicemail had been received with an instruction to “click here” to access it – clue, why an email for a telephone message? Also, an automated phone call stating that the Amazon Prime subscription had run out and to press a phone key to renew – clue, the subscription is on direct debit so why would there be a phone call? ANY message (whether by text, phone or email) should be treated with extreme caution where you are being asked to respond in any way, NEVER give any personal or financial details unless you have initiated the contact. The basic rule is that if you have any doubt whatsoever just don’t do it!

The new Windows 11 due for public release later this year has had a lot of publicity in the last couple of weeks. Reading the fine print (a retired contracts manager, me?) shows that it will probably only run on high specification PCs / laptops produced in the last two or 3 years, anything older than that and it probably will not run. As an example, I have 9 PCs and 3 laptops (but don’t tell Jasmine) and none of them reach the minimum requirements issued by Microsoft. Because I’m an official “Microsoft Insider” I have been allowed to trial the beta version of Windows 11 and it runs perfectly on one of my “average” PCs so perhaps they may reduce the minimum requirements – only time will tell.

I’ve managed to help with several issues over the last month, including Microsoft Office, setting up new printers, replacing a keyboard and helping with antivirus installations (I still have some McAfee subscriptions available for £7 a year compared to the automatic renewal price of £70). If you need any help or advice about (non-Apple) gadgets, please contact me (01296 482735 or ) and I’ll see what I can do.

Have a word with me if you have any issues / questions about modern electronics – PCs, laptops, printers, mobile phones, TVs, SatNavs etc. -essentially anything except Apple products.  I can either arrange a group meeting where there is demand or simply arrange to get together on
a one to one basis.