Photos of Garden Group Visit to Snowshill

Photographs by permission of Rupert Anson

Snowshill Manor – view from the climb up the hill

Top lawn and visitors entrance to house

View from top lawn – dovecote to right

Cabinet in Venetian style from about 1850

Detail of front of Cantonese black lacquer cabinet

Model of HMS Romulus from 18th century

Those few stairs lead up to a tiny office space

Fireplace and exposed old ceiling timbers

Many rooms are filled with childhood ephemera

Samurai warriors in the Green Room

Samurai warriors round brazier in the Green Room

Model village houses made by Charles Wade

Exquisite sewing work box

Child’s play room

The room of A Hundred Wheels

Bucks farm wagon, one of 23 models

Further items relating to early childhood and beyond

Craftwork room – lace making, cobbling, spinning, etc.

The Life of Time is Motion, His Glory Perfection’

Candle former in foreground amongst other craft ephemera

Civil War helmets and breast plates

Music Room – instruments are from 18th & 19th centuries

Seraphim Room with items mostly from Bali & Java
Collection of Indonesian theatre masks
Bedroom where Ann Parsons secretly married Anthony Palmer
Inglenook fireplace used to be located in the basement
The only complete suit of armour in the collection
Formerly a coal store, Wade transformed this space
The house contains numerous items of historical militaria
Eating quarters in Sancta Maria Byre
Bathing facilities in Sancta Maria Byre
Wade’s ‘Jolly Roger’ room in the roof space of the Byre
Entrance to old cow byre, storage for more items!
Teak statue of St George & The Dragon
View of dovecote from Well Court
Armillary Court overlooked by the manor
Model village (Wolf Cove) made by Charles Wade
Zodiac 24 hour clock (nychthemeron)
Kitchen garden
Refreshments very welcome before the journey home