Photographs of Windmill Hill Archives Waddesdon Manor

Photographs by Rupert Anson

Gathering in the car park ahead of our tour
View over countryside from Windmill Hill car park
Perceval (Sarah Lucas 2006) – he used to reside near the aviary
View across courtyard (Adams sculpture on wall to left)
Roundel for Brittanic House (Robert Adams 1966)
View over countryside from courtyard
Wider view across courtyard
Umbrella yellow and Umbrella blue (Michael Craig-Martin 2011)
A Couple of Differences Between Thinking and Feeling (Angus Fairhurst 2000)
Annie, our guide
Reading Room
Untitled (Anish Kapoor 2009)
Archive (Tony Bevan 2014)
Broken Dreams_1 (Campana brothers 2010)
. Broken Dreams_2 (Campana brothers 2010)
Harumaki Chairs (Campana brothers)
Reading Room roof, supported by just two huge trusses
Gorilla sculpture stares into the Reading Room
The Birth of Consistency (Angus Fairhurst 2004) as seen from the Reading Room
Brotherlines (slate on rolling lawn – Richard Long 2011)
Sculptural Benches (Alison Crowther 2011-12) from unseasoned English Oak
Further meeting room
Trees & Clouds_1 (photogravure by Beatrice Caracciolo 2010)
rees & Clouds_2 (photogravure by Beatric Caracciolo 2010)
English Garden Delights (c.1947)