Photographs of History II visit to The Alpaca Farm

Photographs by kind permission of Rupert Anson

Jo Dell
James Dell
First view of alpacas at start of visit. Turbine generates some of their power(they’re off grid here)
James informing our group all about alpacas .. he’s haltered one while the rest look on
These are the boys (always kept apart from the girls). James was haltering up one of his favourites
Beautiful animals, but NOT related to llamas!
They get shorn every other year. Guess who’s next
You just so want to scrobble their tufty top knots,
James telling us all about handling alpacas
this halter is just SO last year
Well, hello there. How’s my top knot looking
D’ya think I’m sexy!
Pat’s not so sure how tame this beast actually is!
Wendy, on the other hand, has no such qualms!
Three of their Berkshire Pigs
They keep Rabbits too
Pygmy Goats – always in competition with one another
This one was the winner!
Our early sighting of the female alpacas, plus youngster
Five of the girls … they love company and are always curious of visitors
First sign of anything to eat and they’re all over you like a rash!
James showing off his favourite female alpaca
The young stay close to mum and suckle, but she doesn’t ever touch or ‘cuddle’ them.
Already super curious, you can’t help but laugh at their ‘smiley’ faces!
How cute can they get .. these are 4 and 5 weeks old respectively
The girls were quite happy to welcome us into their field
These are the ladies milling around our group .. note the two youngsters on the left.
Khaki Campbell Ducks – boy on the right, girls to the left
Our group towards the end of the visit. The Dell’s eco house in the background