Photographs of History II guided walk round Dinton

Andrew our guide for the morning

Traditional guidebook view of Church of St Peter St Paul

Colourful aubrecia in wall outside churchyard

Front entrance of Dinton Hall

Glimpse of part of the grounds of Dinton Hall

Some of our group with a 25 year old commemorative oak tree in foreground

Thatched house next to village hall Upton Rd

 Westlington Farm, now merely a private residence

 Seven Stars – purchased in 2011 by local consortium

 Gateway in New Road, formerly access to previous chapel

 Several of these were nesting in nearby fir trees

The Old Bakery in the High Street

 Resident taking it easy on the steps of ‘Homelea’ in High Street

 Formerly the old Village Stores

Formerly The Boot public house

 This house goes by the unlikely name of Biggs Cave

 Dinton Hall’s landscape includes many willow trees hanging down to the water

 First sight of Dinton Hall (south side) through landscaped gardens

 Our group with Dinton Hall in the background

500 year-old oak tree in field opposite Dinton Hall

 View of Dinton Hall sitting within the lovely estate

 Further view of Dinton Hall .. note dovecote to left of picture

South eastern driveway entrance to Dinton Hall with Church in view

 Church up ahead with Dinton Hall grounds on other side of wall

 Summers Cottage

 Side of Gable Cottage – evidence of once being 2 buildings (note fireplaces)

Gable Cottage

 Summers Cottage (L) & Gable Cottage (R) – both listed buildings

Many years ago there were almshouses behind this wall

 Church of St Peter & St Paul

Photographs by kind permission of Rupert Anson