Photographs by Rupert Anson



Masonic Hall building in Ripon Street (1882)

Front of the building showing date plaque

Entrance to the Masonic Hall

Tim Hancock – secretary of Fairview Lodge

Tim introduces us to Freemasonry

Masonic clock in ante-room

Medallion assortment

Our first view inside the chamber

Inside the chamber. The chequers signify light and darkness

One of the four seats for high office masons

Seating along north wall, with another ‘throne’ in view

Ballot box .. left you’re in, right you’re not

Tim did his best to dispell the many Freemasonry myths

Impressive ceiling timbers

Past Masters of de Rothschild Lodge

Aylesbury Lodge banner

Wendover Lodge banner

Vale Lodge banner

Buckingham Lodge banner

Buckinghamshire Lodge banner

Fairway Lodge banner (Tim belongs to this lodge)

Masonic Hall looking up towards Granville Street