Photographs of History II Visit to Hearing Dogs

Photographs by Rupert Anson

Memorial plaques on the way in
Building works for new extension
Group gathered outside reception
Welcome poster in reception
Our intrepid volunteers and speakers
Jenny, volunteer and user of hearing dogs for 27 years
Preparing to speak. Jenny’s retired dog Mollie is in the foreground
Tasmin, Jenny’s new dog (18 months old)
Demonstration dog Juicy
Wakey wakey!
Good dog .. you heard my alarm
Someone’s at the door!
Treats are all part of obedience
Highly trained, yes ; super soppy .. oh yes!
Residential quarters
Past the Training Flats en route to the kennels
. The Training Flat block
The Kennels (no photography) and the Gift Shop
Keeping the public aware of the charity
Fund raising is all part of the charity’s existence
The original old farm building where it all began