Photographs of History II visit to Aylesbury Mosque

Photos by Rupert Anson

View of Aylesbury Mosque

North west aspect of building

Our party convening outside before entering the mosque

Front entrance to the mosque

The main entrance hall or reception area

Asad Mahmood – our principal guide

Mosque daily time table of prayers

Nahim – full time teacher at the mosque

We were addressed by both our hosts during our time there

Asad and Nahim

Nahim’s 9 year-old son .. his first time addressing a congregation

Caligraphy wall art was carried out by a specialist sign writer

Nahim’s son addressing us, with Dad and Asad looking on

From here the Imam conducts prayers

The Imam’s chair showing elaborate decoration (prayer mat folded on seat)

Beautiful decoration inside the mosque dome

We were given coffee and biscuits by our hospitable hosts

Carpet pattern repeated throughout the mosque

Nahim in front of some of the many books kept here

Purpose built room for the preparation of deceased prior to burial

Cold store facility for up to three persons

One of the smaller side rooms, used for female prayers

Asad kindly gave each of us an English copy of the Qur’an