Photographs of History II tour of Haddenham

Photographs by permission of Rupert Anson

Michael Witney – our guide
Village Hall
Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic – view from pond
The ‘other’ village pond
Banks Parade shopping area
Relocated old Quaker burial ground
Plaque indicating origin of burial ground
Walter Rose memorial plaque. The family were significant Haddenham people
Top of High Street (opposite House of Spice)
Florence Nightingale charity shop and House of Spice restaurant
Fern Lane
Converted residence in Fern Lane
Facing ‘The Old Brewery’ with Wychert Cottage on right
Detail of front entrance to ‘The Old Brewery’
Wychert wall .. a construction peculiar to Haddenham
Poorly repaired section of wychert wall
Section of wychert wall badly in need of proper maintenance
End of Wychert Walk at entrance to Townsend
Formerly 3 cottages, now one expensive residence!
Townsend borders the green space on three sides
Garage of ‘The Thatched Cottage’ .. note loft door for storage of reeds
Further view across the green bordered by Townsend
South side of Townsend green (that’s Dollicot straight ahead)
Detail of entrance porch to ‘Cobblers’
Large family house in Rudds Lane