Meetings Page

Our Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 1.30 for 2pm. We meet at the The Southcourt Community Centre, Prebendal Avenue, Aylesbury HP21 8LF

16 November 2017

Tony Hadland

Tigers in the Attic, Bullets in the Chimney

21 December 2017

Launton Handbells

18 January 2018

Dennis Kelly

A Trip around the Monopoly Board

15 February 2018

Ken & Coralie Payne

Mercy Ships

15 March 2018

Chris Chadwell

Paradise on Earth

19 April 2018

Mr Sturgeon Headmaster
& Pupils

Aylesbury Grammar School

17 May 2018

Dorothy Lock

Whatever Next

21 June 2018

Aylesbury Town Chaplaincy

Street Angels

19 July 2018

History of Weather and Weather lore

Ian Currie

16 August 2018

City of London Curiosities

Michael Howgate

20 September 2018

Looking at Art – The Hidden Stories

Pamela Wright

18 October 2018

Tales of National Service

Bill George

15 November 2018

Englands Greatest Magician: all done with kindness

Ian Keable – David Devant

20 December 2018

Tudor Christmas

Martin Sirot-Smith

17 January 2019

Tales from the Chalk Face

Carole Hawkins

15 February 2019

What My DNA Told Me

Tony Hadland