Local History

History 1Meeting monthly the aim of this friendly group is to learn more about the area in which we live, its’ diversity, its’ history and its’ beauty.

At our members annual meeting we decide on our programme and arrange for guides to take us around our chosen venues. During the winter months we broaden our interest a little by having talks not only on historic houses and events, but also on people who have been associated with the area.  Very occasionally we go wider afield and visit historic sites in London.  Our full membership is kept to 30 with 20 on guided walks so that we can hear the speaker. However, we do have a waiting list and those on this list are welcome to indicate their interest in any particular meeting should space be available.

Group members will be emailed with details as they become fully agreed.

To join, phone Jasmine or Simon on 01296 482735

For our September meeting we have arranged for the Tuesday 28th September 10.30 for a guided walk around the buildings and park of Great Linford Manor Park, near Milton Keynes. For those who want to make a longer visit, exploring the park and walking along the canal would be a personal choice and not u3a supported. We have emailed Local History members the details. Our guide is Ellie.

The October meeting is too difficult to arrange with my two weeks jury service, our monthly meeting and then school half term. No meeting this month.

November 25th at 10.15 meeting and Rupert has generously agreed to produce a retrospective presentation at the Methodist Church of Local History Outings; with an indoor “picnic”.  Please bring your lunch. Drinks will be served.

January 27th at 10.15 Planning Meeting at Methodist Church.