Photographs of History II Visit to Greatmoor Waste Facility

Photos by kind permission of Rupert Anson

Greatmoor facility (photo courtesy of FCC)

Greatmoor looking east (photo courtesy of Bucks CC)


Schematic of the facility

Jez Elkin – our guide


Jez spoke to us in depth with the aid of the schematic



Visitor reception area and lecture room

Sample of a Bag House Filter

Getting kitted out in the appropriate safety gear


Huddled round the waste bunker viewing area which was very cramped


Bin Lorry unloading into waste bunker

Grabbers handling material in the waste bunker


Grabber Hopper

Besides the furnaces


A glimpse into the furnace

Boiler where steam is generated to power the turbine (photo courtesy of FCC)

Steam room pipes feeding turbine

Turbine Hall

Steam Generated Turbine pipes

Turbine Hall

 Landfill site visible from facility. 5 chimneys on left are methane production

Ash residue being fed to outside pit area for processing.

Ash residue being processed for recyclable metals

Further impression of the size of the facility

Interior picture to show size of the facility

Water from condensed steam held in these containers

View from the ground of the ash residue feed pathway

One of 4 condenser fans to turn steam back into water

Outside the Facility