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The new Windows 11 due for public release later this year has had a lot of publicity in the last couple of weeks. Reading the fine print (a retired contracts manager, me?) shows that it will probably only run on high specification PCs / laptops produced in the last two or 3 years, anything older than that and it probably will not run. As an example, I have 9 PCs and 3 laptops (but don’t tell Jasmine) and none of them reach the minimum requirements issued by Microsoft. Because I’m an official “Microsoft Insider” I have been allowed to trial the beta version of Windows 11 and it runs perfectly on one of my “average” PCs so perhaps they may reduce the minimum requirements – only time will tell.

.A particularly busy month, involving such things as several upgrades to new SSDs (very fast Solid State Devices as replacements of the older and inherently slow mechanical Hard Disk Drives), providing and setting up a couple of PCs, a laptop, speakers, a printer and a mobile phone), installing a webcam and generally sorting out computer issues such as installing a new Microsoft Office 365 subscription. I seem to be working harder than I ever did before I retired!

A gentle reminder about auto renewal of subscriptions for software which is normally rather more expensive than buying from Amazon (other retailers are available). Auto renewal of McAfee antivirus packages will normally cost about £60 to £80 a year, I can source McAfee for £7. If you have BT Broadband there is an even better deal – McAfee antivirus is provided to customers FREE as a benefit, for 1 to 15 computers (depending on which package you have) – have a look at– for further details.

If you have a mobile phone with a Pay As You Go SIM card, check how much you are being charged – most networks have stopped marketing the old style “321” style where you were charged 3p per minute of phone call, 2p per text and and 1p per mb of data and have ramped up the prices for those who stay with the same SIM card. Only O2 still have a 321 offering, although they no longer market it, and I still have several of these SIM cards available free of charge. If you are interested, check the network coverage at your address using then let me know and I will pop around with a SIM.

If you need any help or advice about (non-Apple) gadgets, please contact me (01296 482735 or ) and I’ll see what I can do.