Artistic Coffee Morning

Coffee morning for people who enjoy being artistic. It is open to complete beginners or experienced artists. It is intended to be a social event for inspiring, motivating and offering help and  encouragement; in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other’s efforts.

The objective of this group is to meet once a month and over refreshment discuss a topic and set ourselves a challenge for the coming month. Members work on their interpretation, in their own homes and using which ever medium they prefer. The finished piece or work in progress is then shown at the next coffee morning.

Group members will be encouraged to keep in touch during the month for on-going help and encouragement.

If you dabble in creative arts or not, but are interested, come and chat over coffee with like-minded people and be inspired.

Art Coffee Morning Meet for the first time 7th September 10.30 at Jane’s House. If you want to be creative, in any medium,  or need inspiration or just coffee and chat you are welcome to join us. Phone Jane 07788494380 to find out more. 50p for refreshment.

Frequency normally 2nd week of each month
 If you prefer 2nd Tuesday or Wednesday of the month let us know.