Why are we called u3a?

A u3a is a collective of people devoted to learning, with members not students, all of whom are in their THIRD AGE.

The ‘third age’ is defined by a time in your life (not necessarily chronological) where you have the opportunity to undertake learning for its own sake.  There is no minimum age, but a focus on people who are no longer in full-time employment or raising a family.

Who can join u3a?

Anyone in the third age can join u3a and this includes people who are working part time.  No qualifications are required and none are given.  There is no lower age limit for membership.

How are u3as organised?

The U3As are democratic, self funded, and self managed organisations that exist to provide a full range of activities for men and women, no longer in full time employment, at a minimal cost.  They draw upon the knowledge, experience and skills of their members to organise interest groups (often in their own homes) in accordance with the wishes of the membership.

In order to meet these objectives, Mid-Bucks (Aylesbury) u3a has group leaders offering activities from a Book Club to Walking.